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Funniest 4 mins of TV I have watched in ages.  

Take the time to watch it is well worth it.

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To find out what makes people want to troll others online, This Morningmet Keeley Houghton, a woman who went to prison after admitting to harassing another woman online, and victim of cyber abuse, Nicola Brookes.

Last week the issue of trolling was back in the news after it was reported that The Metropolitan Police were investigating a catalogue of internet abuse (including death threats) targeted at Gerry and Kate McCann.

A 63-year-old woman accused of targeting internet abuse towards the family was found dead just days after she was confronted by a reporter.

Both Keeley and Nicola told their own experiences to Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden.

Keeley explained that throughout high school she had not got on with one girl in particular and it escalated until they were both aged 18. Under the influence of alcohol, Keeley posted a comment on social media about the girl in question.

She said: “There was only one comment made online about her which was bad enough to get me sent to jail.”

When the police contacted her, Keeley couldn’t believe it.

"First, I was baffled," she admitted. "I didn’t have a clue why they were ringing me. I did delete the comment the day after, but the police had already seen it. That was when I realised what I had written was quite bad. I didn’t realise how it would make her feel and I didn’t think she would have seen it."

Keeley was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison and served six.

Since then, Keeley and her family have received death threats. She believes that it was her ‘own fault’ that she was targeted.

Nicola became the victim of online abuse when she posted supportive comments on Frankie Cocozza’s Facebook page in 2011, after she witnessed the negative press about him.

She said: “It was nothing to do with X Factor or Frankie, I’m not a fan. It was because my daughter’s friend committed suicide so I know the effect of mass and constant bullying.

"It quickly turned around to me – it was really bad. There were hundreds of abusive messages aimed at me. It wasn’t just trolls abusing me, it was the public they were pulling in. They turned it completely around. Within a day they used the Frankie page to abuse me more and it continues to this day.

"If it happens to a normal person, it is swept under the carpet. They [abusers] scoff and mock the law, they are not fearful of it – they just make fun of it.

"They will not beat me, they will not win and they won’t silence me. I will carry on reporting the abuse that I get."

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Statement from Bruce Mills re: today’s Courier Mail Article.

For several people who have asked for my comments on the Charging of Mr Driscoll yesterday - I refer you to my previous statements and will be making no further comment until the legal process has been fully completed.

"Due to the ongoing investigations and it is not appropriate for me to comment on these matters.

 What I will say is, like many people including the Premier Campbell Newman and others in the LNP, I greatly regret the day I met Scott Driscoll.

Mr Newman summed it up in parliament when he said,

“He [Driscoll] always had an explanation and an answer”.

It is important for me to highlight that since the start of the investigations, including joint CMC/QPS and QIRC, I have fully co-operated with the authorities. This entire ordeal has taken an immense toll on my health and my family.

The actions taken yesterday, by the QPS, do not change my commitment to fully assist in the ongoing investigations.

I would also like to thank my family and friends for their unconditional support. I will be making no other comment until the authorities have been allowed to complete their investigations.”