Nerd Joke of the week -

Nerd Joke of the week -

I think the pixellation boys and girls in the lab, where having a bad day. Guys we can guess they are boobies you boobies

I think the pixellation boys and girls in the lab, where having a bad day. Guys we can guess they are boobies you boobies

Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

Latest comedy from ABC #selfie a must watch for anyone in social media.

Disgusting Animal Cruelty - My Daughter saw someone on Facebook today, boasting about his dog killing the neighbours cat, then when she messaged him on it his reply was even more disturbing.

Manflu - The Truth

Just some rough Calculations on Federal Gov making unemployed do 40 Job applications a month.

I am happy to be told this is wrong but follow my thinking:

728500 Unemployed x 40 Job applications a month = over 29 Million Job applications per month.

 2,141,280 actively trading businesses in Australia at June 2012. 

That means on average every business will get 13 job applications a month assuming they all have available jobs (which is very unlikely)

How the hell are Small Business in Australia meant to cope with this influx of applications?

I am happy for someone to prove me wrong but for a government that is pro small business this is a huge impost to impose on the.

Norad ia busy tracking santa.  NSA doing over time to hack his naughty and nice list while he passes through partner countries

Toy’s Muffler & Mechanical have the true Christmas Spirit

It is not a secret that the Mills family are going through a somewhat surreal year.  But yesterday my faith in human nature was resorted by the owners of Toy’s Muffler and Mechanical in Redcliffe with the help they gave my daughter. I won’t detail what they did, suffice to say they were just wonderful and totally blew us away. It made the entire family cry.

If you ever think Christmas is all about gifts and shopping,  Toy’s proved it is about good will to all men.

Please RT and Share this message Toys Muffler and Mechanical Redcliffe are just wonderful people and anyone needing a mechanic couldn’t do better.

A huge thanks from the Mills family to all at Toys. 



Today the world is worse off for the loss of one man. - Dr Paul Dillon

Early this morning, Dr Paul Dillon,passed away  after a battle with cancer.  Paul was man of honour, selflessness with an intelligence that was stunning, and a wicked sense of humour. In Paul’s short time on this earth he helped 1000’s of people.  I am so grateful  to have had him as a friend.  I will miss you mate and as they say RIP.  Finally my thoughts are with his wife and young daughter may God look over them both.


I love you and will miss you mate but you will always be in my heart

Statement from Bruce Mills re: today’s Courier Mail Article.

"Due to the ongoing investigations and it is not appropriate for me to
comment on these matters.  What I will say is, like many people including
the Premier Campbell Newman and others in the LNP, I greatly regret the day I met Scott Driscoll.  

Mr Newman summed it up in parliament when he said,
“He [Driscoll] always had an explanation and an answer”.

It is importantfor me to highlight that since the start of the investigations, including joint CMC/QPS and QIRC, I have fully co-operated with the authorities. This entire ordeal has taken an immense toll on my health and my family.

The actions taken yesterday, by the QPS, do not change my commitment to fully assist in the ongoing investigations.

I would also like to thank my family and friends for their unconditional support. I will be making no other comment until the authorities have been allowed to complete their investigations.”

For reference: my only other comments on this matter