Do u support drink driving?

I looks like some people think it is ok, to drink drive and tip off mates about RBTs so they don’t get court. I urge you all to read this article and make a comment down the bottom about how wrong drink driving is

So Funny - Where is Lillian van Litsenburg - State Member for Redcliffe? Watch as she runs away from a reporter.

3W Outsourcing BPO Brochure

Latest 3W Outsourcing/BPO Brochure

Every time Qlders flick on lights, turn on taps, fill up their car, pay their rego or catch a train they are paying more thanks to Labor’s economic mismanagement. In contrast, the LNP will slash the cost of living and save average Qld families around $250 - $330 a year through reforms to electricity and water pricing, freezing family car rego for a term and scrapping Labors $7000 stamp duty slug on the family home.

The Proud Parents, here are some formal photo’s

Today for me was a perfect example of - “”Success often comes to those who have the aptitude to see way down the road.

 Lillian van Litsenburg MP State Member for Redcliffe. trying to run away from questions what she knew and why she and her Minister have stalled the Redcliffe Super Clinic.

High Praise for and @SeamusByrneCOM

I know I can be very critical in my blog when a company ticks me off, as I was in my blog entry yesterday entitles “What a crap excuse from

Well today I need to make a back flip that would make Julia Gillard proud.

After reading my blog the CIO of Catch of the Day, Seamus E. Byrne, contacted via twitter and then rang me.

He had researched my order and could inform me the items in question where on their way, and provided all delivery and tracking details.

He then followed up with the email below later in the day.

So in under 24 hours thanks to Mr Byrne, my opinion of Catch of The Day has gone from very negative to highly positive.

Well done Catch of the Day.

Todays follow up email:

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your time earlier – I trust you are well.

On behalf of, I sincerely apologise for our “crap excuse”.

We are making ongoing efforts to increase our customer satisfaction and reduce our dispatch times with better training and technology. We also intend to introduce telephone support in the coming months.

I confirm the status of your recent orders as follows:

1x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Purchased on 25 September 2011 with Order Reference xxxxxxxxxxxxx

As at 6am today, the Mat is awaiting collection from xxxxxxx Post Shop

Australia Post eParcel Reference #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Purchased on 20 September 2011 with Order Reference #xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Australia Post eParcel Reference #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (First Dispatch)

Australia Post Express eParcel Reference #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Second Dispatch)

We originally dispatched a xxxxxxxxxxxxx to you via Australia Post eParcel Service on 30 September 2011 (First Dispatch).

Australia Post subsequently marked your eParcel as Return to Sender on 3 October 2011. This has been identified as an issue internally at Australia Post and is presently being investigated.

On 3 October, we dispatched a second (that is, replacement) Camcorder to you via Australia Post Express eParcel Service with delivery to xxxxxxx Post Shop scheduled for tomorrow (5 October).

Australia Post items can be tracked via:

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you (or anyone you know - friends, family, etc.) experiences any future issue with,, BrandStreet, WineOfTheDay or Scoopon.

I’ll use every endeavour to investigate and resolve any issue as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,